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4 Ever

Just in time for wedding season, floral bouquets, engagement rings, popped champagne bottles, cutely decorated cars, wedding cakes and champagne flutes blissfully adorn the eight prints of our 4 Ever Collection. With hues of blush, light blue, sage, cream and white, this collection exudes a soft elegance and lends itself nicely to a plethora of items. Quilts are an obvious, but beyond you can make heart garlands, wedding invitation covers, quilted sleeping masks, ring pillows and even a flower bouquet that will last for years to come.


Let us take you to the lakes of Northern Italy. With its mixture of rich, jeweled tones – purples, blues, pinks, oranges, greens, browns, yellows– fused together in a variety of repetitive patterns, our Como Collection is reminiscent of Italian high fashion. These exclusive designs spotlighting beautiful blends of colors, open the doors to a world of creations, from home accents and décor, like blankets, quilts, table runners, coasters and pillowcases, to apparel, like scarves, slippers, and accessories, like make-up bags and purses.

Heritage Cottage

Fall has never looked this good. With its mixture of navy, cream and burnt orange, hints of white and light blue, our Heritage Cottage Collection carries a majestic, classic feel. It contains unique prints splashed with budding and full-bloom florals, distinctive foliage and fan-like designs that suggest elegant coziness and good-taste. This collection is a nod to the current cottagecore movement which embraces a romantic, nostalgic, English country aesthetic that is harmonious with nature and a simpler lifestyle. These prints speak pillowcases, cushion covers, wall hoops, aprons, tea-cozies and quilts, of course. The choice is yours. We just wonder what you will make.

High Road to Taos

Fun sewing and quilting adventures await thanks to our High Road to Taos Collection. These predominantly pink prints accented by brown and white are sprinkled with Aztec-like, Southwestern, geometrical patterns, cacti, arrows, adorable RVs, the sun and the moon, and other symbols that speak of New Mexico and travels. There are so many creative options here, from a variety of stand-out cacti themed quilts, to adorning a pair of jeans or a jean jacket with distinct patchwork, to making cacti planters to decorate your home. We don’t know about you, but just by looking at these signature Camelot prints we can almost feel the dessert sun caress our skin and ignite our creative spark.

Holiday Spice

It takes just one look at our Holiday Spice Collection to tap into our sense of smell. We are carried to a place where the combination of cinnamon, pine, oranges and apples creates a rich, sweet and slightly spicy aroma that fills us up with comfort, well-being and happiness. This is the spirit of the holidays, and it lives in this signature collection where prints of warm earth toned hues are juxtaposed with light blue ones. We welcome this comforting collection that we know will awaken your imagination and create all sorts of beautiful gifts. An ideal collection for quilts and all your tabletop needs: placemats, table runners, coasters and more.


Fun, vibrant and alive is how we best describe our Illusion Collection. Each of its prints is unique. You have bold red and pink layered lips set against a rich teal; white and teal glasses floating against a pink background; a bird’s eye view of orange and teal umbrellas arranged on a light blue backdrop; and other prints that each showcase different geometrical shapes in pink, yellow and multicoloured. The creative potential here is vast, from makeup cases to aprons or purses, to name a few.

Pucker Up Collection

When life gives you lemons, start sewing! And thanks to our Pucker Up Collection, where lemons are adorned with both heart-shaped and floral-shaped bows, and where happy faces are transformed into lively characters, you will want to start sewing as soon as possible. With yellow playing prominence to light blue, white and charcoal, this bright collection, is pure joy. We kid you not, these lemons are singing and dancing alongside pastel flowers. A fun collection that lends itself beautifully to an endless list of items: aprons, oven mitts, placemats, table runners, pinwheels, make-up pouches and more.

It Girl Collection

Young girls will just adore the pencil cases, backpacks, tablet covers or anything you create with our new It Girl Collection. Here a variety of unique prints can be mixed and matched. We have different colored hearts symmetrically arranged against a white, crisp background; fun, lively florals dancing delicately on a navy backdrop; colorful shooting stars travelling on a black sky; a multitude of rainbows bringing with them joy and luck; pink, purple, turquoise, black and yellow lines stacked in a row; and, an amalgamation of all things loved by girls: unicorns, roller skates, ice cream cones, donuts, popsicles, heart-shaped sunglasses, watermelon slices and more. Let the sewing fun begin!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Collection

Our Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Collection is a true embodiment of the lullaby after which it is named. Comprised of light blues and blush, it is a soft and tender collection. An array of soothing items, like stars, planets, the moon, hot air balloons, rainbows, hearts and loving sayings add to the collection’s gentle quality. Look no further, this collection is ideal for hand-made baby gifts. Diaper bags, changing table pads, decorative pillows, stuffed animals and garlands are just some of the items that lend themselves well to this collection.

Winter Spirit Collection

Rich, deep tones of plum and black juxtaposed with just the right dose of cooler hues of light teal and cream bestow opulence to our Winter Spirit Collection. Against these luxurious, fulfilling colors, we find plentiful, lush flowers and splendid foliage. A true embodiment of luxury and elegance, these ornate prints are ideal for all types of holiday-themed projects. Whatever you decide to sew, table runners, cushion covers, holiday decorations, quilts or hand-made napkins, decorating your home for the holidays or making gifts for your loved ones will be easy-peasy thanks to this collection.

Disney Heart of a Princess Collection

Some of our favourite, most adored and admired princesses take centre stage in our new Disney Heart of a Princess Collection. Get ready to create out-of-this world projects thanks to Jasmine who sits atop clouds that fill up a lavender sky holding Genie’s lamp; Belle who has a book tucked under her arm while Mrs. Potts and Chip dance nearby; Ariel who swims in a sea of turquoise alongside Flounder; Cinderella who wears her glass slippers against a magical starry sky; Rapunzel who sits all smiles surrounded by sunshine and rainbows; and Tiana and Mulan who each stand tall and proud, ready to take on whatever comes their way. Thanks to this lustrous bunch we know that your projects will be out-of-this-world magical.

Disney Villains Kawaii Collection

Whether it’s a quilt, a pouch, a backpack, or something else, all eyes will be on the projects you create with our new Disney Villains Kawaii Collection. The meanest and most notorious love-to-hate Disney Villains come to life in these prints. We have the likes of Cruella de Vil, Doctor Facilier, Scar, Ursula, The Queen as Witch, Hades, Jafar, Maleficent and the Queen of Hearts. Showcased against black, bold accents of purple and blue, these infamous characters carry just the right amount of cuteness and sweetness mixed in with a touch of sass and mischievousness that will add punch to all your sewing projects.

Harry Potter Arts and Crafts Collection

Let’s give our Harry Potter Arts and Crafts Collection a big welcome. From the likes of wands, owls, trains, swords, potions bottles, books and all things Harry Potter, set against backgrounds of grey, white, sand and wine, this collection has everything you need to create a slew of projects. Whether you decide to sew a king size quilt, back-to-school accessories, like book covers and pencil cases, or create different quilt blocks to decorate a room or even the inside of your child’s school locker, your options here are many. So, let the magic of sewing begin!

Hasbro Gaming III Collection

Get your game on! Our Hasbro Gaming III Collection is here. Whether you love to turn on your thinking cap with Scrabble, move fast with Hungry Hippos, defy the edges with Operation, Pass Go with Monopoly or try to remain untangled with Twister, this collection is sure to delight all classic game board lovers. Bright and filled with bold, happy colors, you will be inspired to create a plethora of projects, from tablecloths, to pouches that can hold all your gameboard pieces, vibrant coasters, tablet covers and so much more.

Indiana Jones Collection

If you’ve ever dreamed of going on an adventure now’s your chance. A world of quilting and sewing await thanks to earth-coloured prints that feature Indy - the quick-witted, death-defying archeologist – and accented with hieroglyphics, camels, pyramids and other Indiana Jones iconography. This collection is a true nod to and celebration of the 1983 classic, and all the Indiana Jones movies that followed. Indy may be hunting for relics, but you’ll be hunting for design ideas to sew those perfect quilts.

Scooby-Doo School Spirit Collection

Add a dose of style and a touch of retro to your kids’ back-to-school accessories thanks to our new Scooby-Doo School Spirit Collection. Whether you opt to make back-packs, book covers, pencil cases, lunch boxes or laces to embellish sneakers, your kid is sure to turn heads thanks to their Scooby-Doo gear. What’s more, the creative options don’t end there, there are tons of fun quilt designs that can be created thanks to this collection that features Scooby, the Mystery Inc Gang, the Mystery Machine and famous sayings from this beloved classic.

Star Wars Crowds Collection

A dazzling new collection that includes your favourite Star Wars characters. Filled with rich, deep colours, these prints will be loved by all Star Wars fans. In one print we have the likes of Princess Leia, R2-D2, C-3PO, Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, Yoda, Chewbacca and Han Solo, grouped together. Another features Darth Vader standing tall, surrounded by his stormtroopers, while Lando Calrissian is included in another print that carries the iconic Rebel Alliance symbol and the Galactic Empire crest. The designs and items created with this collection are sure to awe. What will you create?

Wizard of Oz Collection II

Your creativity will soar with our Wizard of Oz Collection II. Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, the Wicked Witch of the West, Emerald City and the Ruby Slippers are all back in these colourful prints that radiate pure joy and magic. These classic characters come alive in various playful poses, whether solo or bound together arm-in-arm. From aprons, to pillows, to quilts, scrunchies and so much more, the sewing options are varied and numerous.

Back to the Future Collection II

We continue to pay homage to the cult classic 80s film with our Back to the Future Collection II. Here the DMC DeLorean comes to life in a world of lightning flashes and stars showcased against black, green, taupe and cream with hints of muted pinks, blues and mustard. Think a cozy quilt and a custom, unique pop-corn bag for a movie-night in, school accessories like pencil cases or binder covers, pouches for your glasses or tablet covers. The possibilities are truly endless. Time to unleash your creativity.

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