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Cars III Collection

Two Lanes, four wheels, open highway. Take the retro road with our buddies in this throwback Disney and Pixar Cars Collection III! The vintage look and feel travels down the iconic stretch of asphalt following the curve of today’s trend – nostalgia. Badges blend fun and fashionable with the landscape of days past. With the upcoming Cars Series on Disney+ in Fall, make sure to stock for all the fans!

Cool Beans Collection

First, I drink the coffee, then I do the things! Coffee lovers, we’ve got you covered! If you are anything like us, we know that as kids you used to sneak a sip of your mom’s mug here and there. Now it has grown into a daily pleasure, where the fresh brewed smell and the delicious taste in the morning is what makes you the happiest. The optimal collection for sewing coffee cup sleeves, mug rugs, and placemats for your favorite coffee machine. Tell us in the comment section below how you like your coffee!

DC League of Super-Pets Collection

Un-leash the adventure! A new animated adventure harnessing the power of Super Heroes and Pets, an alliance everyone can root for! An animated comedy following the adventures of our favorite super pets from DC’s biggest Super Heroes “the Justice League” led by Krypto the Super dog, Superman’s faithful companion. It’s bound to be Pawsitively Pupular around the globe and will be releasing in May 2022. This collection appeals to all fans of The Justice League and pets of course!

Dungeons & Dragons Collection

Who knows what lies around the next corner, waiting in the darkness? We’re so excited about our first ever collection with the leader of fantasy entertainment, Dungeons & Dragons. Between the classic dragon ampersand of the logo to the 20-sided dice, the iconic role-playing game has been enchanting players of all ages since it was first released in 1974. The assortment is a combination of fresh, contemporary designs and classic styles to appeal to a wide variety of players from seasoned old-school to newcomers alike.

Having Fun Collection

Have you ever tried doing yoga with your cat? They always steal the show! Which is what inspired this collection. These fabrics include their best attempts at the tree pose, warrior and extended poses. Can you spot more poses? Perfect for yoga bags, straps, headbands and more.

Hudson Trails Collection

Give me a tiny log cabin in the middle of nowhere, and I’ll be happy! After all the love we received with our first Hudson collection, we are back with new rustic cabin inspired designs in collaboration with Bex Morley for our Hudson Trails collection. When autumn comes, we start dreaming of cozy quilts, wood fires, good books, and thick woolly socks that occupy our imaginations, which this collection embodies perfectly. Comment below and let us know what you would create with these fabrics?

Oh Baby It's a Wild World Collection

Perfect to introduce your child to the wild and initiate environmental and animal awareness thanks to this sweet and friendly crew. We are ready to wrap ourselves up in cute wildlife cuddles and have sweet dreams of adorable little koalas, elephants, giraffes and many more! With a pastel color theme, and the most charming heart-captivating graphics, this collection makes for the perfect nursery décor and bedding. We also dare you not to sing a certain song!

Laundry Day Collection

Happiness is the smell of freshly washed clothes! Make your weekly chores a fun and relaxing task with this collection made in collaboration with the awesome Elizabeth Silver! There are many ways to make your laundry day exciting, like choosing products that smell amazing, watching your favorite show while folding or even assigning your family color coded laundry baskets. This warm-toned collection filled with the cutest laundry icons is ideal for laundry baskets, ironing board covers and fabric containers for your laundry room. How do you make your laundry day fun?

The Mandalorian III Collection

Mandalorian and Grogu continue their journey, facing foes and rallying allies as they make their way through the galaxy. Leap into a colorful world and make jump to lightspeed with fun artwork signifying hope and renewal. Lively graphics featuring tie-dye and flowers amplify the innocence and comedic charisma of the adorable alien-child Grogu. This collection is all about the curious and cute, mysterious and a bit mischievous creature that we all love!

Marvel Disney + Collection

The best of Marvel Disney + shows take center stage in this new collection. From shows like Marvel Studios “Falcon and Winter Soldier” & “Hawkeye” “Loki” and “WandaVision”, this collection is sure to appeal to Marvel fans of all ages. These patterns filled with a muted color palette, heroic theme and bold designs, were carefully created to embody your favorite shows. Perfect to add a splash of action to any bedroom or den, or for the avid fan to wear proudly to your favorite Marvel events.

Meet Me Under the Eiffel Tower Collection

Get transported straight into the city of love with Meet Me Under the Eiffel Tower Collection in collaboration with the wonderful Puck Selders. This adorable collection features the cutest poodles, yummiest macarons, and the most colorful Eiffel tower, all the reasons we love Paris! These girly patterns are great for room décor, accent pillows, and quilts for your little Paris enthusiast. What do you love the most about this beautiful city?

Mickey & Friends Better Together Collection

Loyal through and through, Disney Mickey and Friends are an eclectic group of relatable characters who remind us just how important our friendships are. This Collection is filled with bright, retro-inspired designs! Infusing classically cool vibes that show Mickey and his Friends’ unique personalities, these patterns are guaranteed to pop! It’s packed with energetic looks, fun phrases, and playful character art style, making these epic self-expression designs ideal for room decor.

Valentine's Day Collection II

Valentine is always a fun time to get creative with handmade and personal gifts and with our all-new Valentine’s Day II collection, we’re sure it will inspire you with many cute and endearing projects! We asked our artists to design a valentine print in addition to our officially licensed properties like Disney, DC Comics, Star Wars, Hasbro. Vicky Yorke, Bex Morley, Puck Selders, & Heather Rosas thank you for sharing the love with us this season! Hope these fabrics inspire great projects like heart mug rugs, goodie bags, heart shaped pillows, and many more ideas that will put a smile on your loved one’s face.

Moana II Collection

Let’s take an adventure with Disney’s “Moana”, the spirited teenager who sails out on a daring mission to prove herself a master wayfinder and fulfill her ancestors’ unfinished quest. During her journey, Moana meets the once-mighty demi-god Maui, and together they traverse the open ocean on action-packed voyage, encountering an enormous fiery creature and impossible odds. This collection is an explosion of the vibrant, tenacious, and compassionate Moana that lives in all of us.

On The Road Collection

Pack your backpack and let’s go on an adventure to the flower child era that is making a big comeback! Our On the Road collection is made of a retro color palette that takes us back to the 60’s and 70’s of the bohemian age filled with vintage designs like peace symbols, Volkswagen vans and floral graphics, spreading love and positive thinking to the world. Perfect for sewing book sacks, travel pillows, and quilts!

Ouija Collection

Dim the lights and let’s start playing as the secrets begin to unlock. Let the Ouija game guide you in search for answers, handle it with respect and it won’t disappoint you. Our Ouija collection is inspired by the popular game that we all love! These fabrics are full of fun designs, unique graphics, and trendy editorial feel that will give an exciting look to your next Halloween sewing project!

PowerPuff Girls Collection

Cartoon network’s The Powerpuff Girls centers around three sisters juggling school, homework and monsters… All before bedtime. Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup aren’t your average little girls from Townsville: Together they form the superhero team known to the city as the Powerpuff Girls! With their unique combination of looking cute and kicking butt, These Girls smash through walls and crash through ceilings inspiring young women to embrace solidarity of sisterhood by building up, empowering and supporting one another. In this collection you’ll see all the spunk, punk, grit and gloss that are the special ingredients that makes these girls, the girls everywhere-super awesome. One day it’s dancing and teddy bears, then its defeating monsters. Who’s got the power?

Sex And the City Collection

Sex and the City die-hard fans, this one is for you!! It’s been over two decades since Sex and the City first aired on our screens. This series was ground-breaking- funny, clever, and emotionally honest with a frank and warm look at female friendships, sex, and single life, and with the series “Just Like That”, it makes us even more excited to launch this collection! These patterns embody our favorite girls and their famous tag lines like “I’d like a cheeseburger, large fries, and a cosmopolitan”, “shopping is my cardio” and many more tag quotes we love about them!

Spirit of a Mermaid Collection

Dive deep for the treasure that you seek! Unleash your inner mermaid and venture into the depths of the ocean with this palette and floral inspired prints! Lift your soul with these playful pearlescent mermaids. In collaboration with Laura Marshall, we see these transformed into throw pillows, quilt, drapes and will surely lighten up the gloomiest of rooms!

Hasbro Tonka III Collection

We’re back with another Tonka collection! Since 1947, these construction vehicles keep proving they are built for tough play. This collection is filled with positive messaging through mood-boosting colours. The colour blocking and bold stripes in joyful, optimistic tones are used to deliver retro sports feel that work in harmony with eco bright on responsible matter. These patterns make the perfect sewing project for back to school, birthday parties and apparel.

Where is Waldo Collection

Where’s Waldo? He won’t be difficult to find amid 35-year anniversary celebrations for the bespectacled, and beloved, children’s book character. Waldo, who already has graced the pages of millions of books and sold in many languages worldwide is honoring us with his presence in our latest collection! Who doesn’t love to comb through the crowds of people to find Waldo, who’s always decked out in his trademark red and white striped sweater and glasses? Let’s join Waldo, while he travels light, but never on his own…

Wizarding World Collection

Whether you’re new to it or have loved it for over 20 years, the Wizarding World continues to bring us unforgettable magic – those tug-at-your heart, memorable magic moments, that have been captured in our latest fabric collection. These patterns will be perfect for sewing projects and quilts inspired by The Fantastic Beasts movie releasing in April 2022! Every fabric has the cutest illustrations of our favorite characters, including Dobby, who gets his own spotlight in this collection!

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