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Best-Teas Collection

A bubbly world of pastels awaits with our Best Teas collection. Fun, colourful, happy and originality are just some of the qualities that live within these fresh designs. The bubble teas depicted in different flavours look so yummy, we almost want to grab and taste-test them all. Mixed in with a rainbow of fruit – kiwis, orange, strawberries, cherries, lemons, blueberries, and limes – your taste buds will surely propel your creative spirit. Time to grab your needle and thread because we know that your head is exploding with exciting ideas for the wildest DIY projects, from the cutest lunch boxes to eye-catching bags and so much more.

Care Bears Mer Bears Collection

Our Care Bears Mer Bears collection is an enchanting world; a distinct landscape of pastel waters, where Care Bears frolic with dolphins, make friends with fish, meet new sea creatures, discover the wonders of the sea and swim to their heart’s delight. This collection will transform into the most beautiful hand-made items. Whether turned into a quilt or into any other item of your choice, these prints ooze happiness and are sure to make everyone smile.

Character Halloween IV Collection

Time for Halloween perfection thanks to our Character Halloween IV collection. This is a varied collection that incorporates bold colours - green, purple, and black - with softer shades, like taupe, cream, and teal. With the likes of the Hulk, Scooby-Doo, Frankenstein, Care Bears, Yoda, Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, Peppa Pig, Stitch, Casper and a sprinkle of potion bottles, masks, candy, pumpkins and bats, these prints don’t just scream Halloween, they have something to suit a variety of tastes. Just imagine the creations that can take shape. From trick or treating bags to an adorable pet costume, the ideas are endless.

Character Winter Holiday IV Collection

Time to spread holiday cheer thanks to the nineteen prints that make up our Character Winter Holiday IV collection. Get ready to transform these fabrics into heaps of DIY holiday gifts. Candy canes, snowflakes, mistletoe, and other symbols that speak of the holiday season dance among the likes of Frosty the Snowman, Scooby-Doo, Tweety Bird, Peppa Pig, Stitch, Mickey and Minnie, Darth Vader, R2D2, Yoda and more, in an array of holiday blues, greens, reds, cream and white. From Christmas ornaments, to stockings, to oven mitts, to shoe bags and more, this collection will have your hands busy and your gift recipients smiling from ear-to-ear.

Disney Minnie Living Her Best Life Collection

Empowering, fun, and showcasing Minnie multi-tasking and doing her favourite activities, all that is Minnie comes alive in these original designs. Backgrounds of red, purple, yellow, and pink, grace these stand-out graphics, to deliver a collection that is full of à la Minnie exuberance. A true depiction of self- expression, self-love, and comfort, our Minnie Living Her Best Life collection falls nothing short of fabulous and is tailored for a ton of sewing projects from backpacks to pencil cases to tablet covers and more.

Disney NBC Mystic Opulence Collection

Moody and mysterious, with hues of denim mixed-in with teal, gold, navy, black, and hints of turquoise, pink, purple and cream, our Mystic Opulence collection brings back our beloved Nightmare Before Christmas characters. Amidst mesmerizing flowers, bats, spiders who cob their webs, and enchanting starlight, Sally and Jack, take centre stage, as their love story is revived upon these fabrics. In some prints, we also find Zero, Jack’s playful pup, chasing the night sky. A collection that is nostalgic and pulls at the heart strings, it can be transformed into quilts, candy buckets, Halloween home décor, like fabric pumpkins, pillows, table runners, trick or treat banners and so much more.

Disney Stitch Blogger Collection

In this collection, Stitch and Angel play together in a tonal world of blues, blush, aqua, navy, and white, and matching swirls. Minimal graphics combined with textures and patterns are reminiscent of the sea. Filled with movement, these prints come alive. In some prints the characters seem to be twirling round and round, like two children, who have just finished riding a roundabout and in some the two are dancing to what appears to be upbeat tunes. In a couple of prints Stitch and Angel sit quietly sharing a tender nuzzle. Sweet, innocent, loving and truly angelic, our Disney Stitch Blogger collection can be turned into any DIY projects. Time to unleash your creativity!

Fun at Home Collection

Sewers, makers, creators rejoice! This collection was made for YOU. Canvases of purple, turquoise, white and pink are layered with florals, sewing machines, pin cushions, scissors, thread, measuring tape and all things sewing. These playful designs combined with a set of mixology honeycomb, woven, sashiko, herringbone and plaid prints are delivered in a variety of colours, from ruby, pink chai, rainwater, spearmint, red, wildberry, grapefruit, minty and pastel lavender. What results is our Fun at Home collection that will be transformed into an array of projects: quilts, sewing bags, pouches, aprons, and ironing board covers to name a few.

Ginger and Olive Collection

Bathed in a neutral palette of cream, sand, caramel, light brown and sage, Ginger and Olive, is a collection that radiates, tenderness and grace. Designed by Vicky Yorke, these prints tell the story of purr-fect companions coming together, diverse beautiful dogs in conversation and socializing cats; floral clusters, and olive blooms. Thanks to its traditional colour-story and dignified illustrations, this collection lends itself perfectly to quilts, home décor - pillows, table-runners-, and of course, accessories for your favourite furry friend. Think beds, blankets, bowties and so much more. We promise your furry friend will woof you forever.

Good Cluck Collection

Chickens and roosters have never looked this good! With their cheeky personalities, in our Good Cluck collection, they are the stars that steal the show and run the coop. Amongst a mix of eggs, chicken and rooster prints, come floral ones of daisies, farmhouse plaid prints, rooster weathervanes and textured tonal dots. Set in a colour scheme of black, red, and tan, this novelty collection blends well with our fresh solids of sand, marigold, tandoori and black, and with mixology prints, such as Tonic in brown sugar, Batik in orange soda, Buffalo Plaid in ruby and Faux Denim in Black. Time to make room for a wide variety of home sewn goods, from aprons to oven mitts, quilts, table runners, seat cushions and more.

In a NY Minute Collection

No other fabric collection will transport you to the hustle and bustle of New York City, as much as In a New York Minute will. With loud, lively, fun graphics that encapsulate the city that never sleeps, it is everything New York. Styled against white, bold pink, black, grey and white backdrops, colourful illustration of traditional NYC cabs, pretzels, Lady Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State building, street food vendors, Madison Avenue, Wall Street and Times Square street signs, the Subway and more, this collection is for NYC lovers and beyond. An ideal collection to craft an endless number of handmade pieces.

Merry Penguins Collection

A Penguin party awaits thanks to these delightful prints. In a winter wonderland, wearing their winter best – cute scarves, pom-pom tuques and full body knitted winter suit– these busy body Penguins know where it’s at. Whether skating, savouring hot chocolate or sharing gifts, their merriment radiates in these custom designs. Juxtaposed with prints showcasing pine trees, stars and knitted textures, our Merry Penguin collection can easily be turned into whimsical items, from oven mitts to quilts. The possibilities are endless.

Peppa Pig Hand Made Collection

We just can’t get enough of Peppa Pig! In this collection, Peppa Pig and her friends get crafty and make their very own DIY projects. Decorated with butterflies, buttons, hearts, flowers, sunshine, rainbows, and spools of wool, here Peppa Pig and Suzy Sheep take to needle and thread, while Candy Cat takes to knitting. What results is a mixture of sweet pastel-coloured prints - soft aqua, purple, pink, and white - that are filled with merriment. What’s more we also have Rebecca Rabbit and Emily Elephant gracing this whimsical collection. Whether you transform these prints into a quilt, pillow, or anything else your heart desires, one thing is for sure, the beauty that resides in handmade objects is unparalleled. After all, they are made with love.

PJ Masks Adventure Heroes Collection

A first and brand new at Camelot! Ready for action, Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko leap off the prints in our PJ Masks Adventures Heroes collection. Against backgrounds of blues and aquas, punchy, colourful prints feature the crew is ready to solve the latest mystery, to dream, explore and discover. The multi, repeat print, featuring the trio’s set of eyes, showcases the awesomeness of teamwork, while the other prints feature playful typography, adventure badging and pirate styling. What fan of PJ Masks wouldn’t be proud to wear a backpack or use a pencil case, lunch box or whatever else you can dream of making with this fun collection?

Prairie Days Collection

If you love florals, this collection has your name written all over it. With designs that showcase an array of different florals, like roses, daisies, and a variety of blossoms- tiny little homes, prairie meadows, plaid, and gingham, all depicted in soft shades of pink, green, yellow, light blue, cream, and sage, designed by Elizabeth Silver, our Prairie Days collection speaks of simpler times, of wide-open country spaces. Looking at these prints our sense come alive. We can almost feel the wind caressing our face and smell fresh air perfumed with florals. A collection that truly exudes grace and elegance. Whatever you transform these prints into - a quilt, place matts, aprons, pillows, hoop walls or more – one thing is certain, its beauty and originality lends itself perfectly to unlimited DIY homemade items.

Promenade Collection

Our Promenade collection, designed by Bex Morley, is all romance, and opulence. A ballad of navy, light blue, and shades of purple, these prints, embellished with pearls, toile, wisteria, and numerous other elements, are reminiscent of a bygone time, London’s Regency era where the social season was most important. With designs of horse drawn carriages, multi-layered cakes, invitations to balls, perfume bottles, feathers, top hats and so much more, these flirtatious prints exude femininity, and carry a dash of intrigue within their fibres. What stands in question is, what will you make with this flawless collection? After all, don’t we all want to create that diamond of the season?

Spellbound Collection

A Halloween collection through and through, our Spellbound collection is set against a canvas of purple, charcoal, light purple, black, mint, grey and orange. With prints depicting cute skeletons, skulls, broom sticks, coffins, gravestones, cauldrons, witches’ hats, bats, ghosts, spiders and so much more, this collection is cheerfully frightful. A great choice to make a ton of Halloween items that will be loved by friends and family alike. Beyond cool quilts, that combine these beautiful Halloween tones, the ideas can range from trick or treat bags to fun skirts, pants and more. Time to get creative!

Star Wars Vader Spotlight Collection

One of the most popular entertainment characters from the last half-century, the iconic villain, Vader™, is the star in all five prints that make up this collection. Here, mid-century Vader comes to life against a colour palette of grey, cream, muted blue and white. In prints that feature badges, and both repeat patterns and multi-patterns, Vader™, is spotlighted in his imposing demeanour, wearing his black armour, and piercing red Lightsabre. Thanks to his multi-generational appeal, this collection is sure to be a favourite amongst Star Wars fans who are always ready to show allegiance to Lord Vader. The only question that remains is what will you make with this one-of-a kind collection?

Who Invited the Llamas Collection

Let’s get this party started! Celebratory and pure happiness are the best ways to describe this collection. Everything about it is cheerful and fun. With balloons, confetti, birthday candles and cakes, beads and fringes, party hats a-plenty, set in crisp, vibrant colours – yellow, orange, red, blue, green, and white - these prints can only spark joy. But the real stars of the show are the Llamas. Donning party hats, sunglasses, and roller skates, they are ready for a good time and infuse the collection with entertainment and humour. There is so much that can be created here. All that is needed is a stir of our creative spirits to transform these prints into items that are not only useful but also quite entertaining.

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