Promenade Collection - Pearls - Light Purple

100% Cotton 44/45

Our Promenade collection, designed by Bex Morley, is all romance, and opulence. A ballad of navy, light blue, and shades of purple, these prints, embellished with pearls, toile, wisteria, and numerous other elements, are reminiscent of a bygone time, London’s Regency era where the social season was most important. With designs of horse drawn carriages, multi-layered cakes, invitations to balls, perfume bottles, feathers, top hats and so much more, these flirtatious prints exude femininity, and carry a dash of intrigue within their fibres. What stands in question is, what will you make with this flawless collection?After all, don’t we all want to create that diamond of the season?
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