Harry Potter Dotzies Craft Kit

Camelot Dots
Dotzies Craft Kit

Find your symbol, match the color, pick up easy and stick down is fun!

Quick, easy and fun to do!

Just use the Diamond Dotz stylus to pick up a dot and place it into the matching square on the sticky print.

Kits contain:

  • 3 Boards
  • 3 Stickers
  • 2x Diamond Dotz styluses, craft trays and wax
  • 38g (1.36 oz) Diamond Dotz pre-sorted by shade
  • Dotz Count: 7834
  • Bilingual illustrated instructions

Design Size
3x Boards 5.9" x 5.9" (15cm x 15cm) 3x Stickers 2.9" x 2.8" (7.3cm x 7.1cm)
Skill Level
Age 8-99

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