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Vicky Yorke


Vicky Yorke is a surface pattern designer working from her home studio in semi-rural Worcestershire, UK. Her long career in design began with a degree in Illustration from The Arts Institute, Bournemouth, followed by working in-house with stationery and homeware manufacturers. In 2012 Vicky decided to become freelance and later expanded her business into licensing, building a design brand with her bright and whimsical designs that bring sophisticated fun to everyday living. Vicky is often inspired by the beautiful countryside that surrounds her home with collections including vibrant florals and woodland animals, as well as patterns inspired by her travels around the UK and beyond! Vicky’s designs feature across many different products including homeware, kitchenware, gifts, stationery and much more – and she is delighted that they are now also available on beautiful fabrics from Camelot!

Inspiration for Ginger & Olive

"The story of this collection is that we sadly lost our beautiful cat, Willow, last year. She was the inspiration behind my previous collection 'Urban Jungle'. We later got a ginger kitten and a border terrier puppy and watching them play in the garden was the inspiration behind this new collection. The kitten in particular looked so picturesque playing in the greenery among these pretty white flowers that we had in the garden in springtime. Our puppy actually came with a name, so we weren't able to name her, but I really wanted her to be called Olive, which also seemed perfect with the green in the colour palette, so it all sort of fitted and that's where the name came from when I decided they needed their own collection! All of the flowers were drawn from my garden too, so this is a very personal collection for me."

Instagram: @vickyyorkedesigns





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