Camelot Fabrics® / Eugene Textiles

A wide variety of freshly made fabric collections for the modern maker.

Camelot Design Studio is the In-house design team for Camelot Fabrics®. Camelot Fabrics® is a division of Eugene Textiles. Our licenses include: Disney®, Star Wars®, Marvel®, Harry Potter®, DC Comics, NBA & others.

Our product lines varies from from p
rinted, solid & license: Cotton, Flannel, Fleece, Quilting Flannel,  Broadcloth, Crushed Panne, Jacquards (mirage & waffle), Oilcloth, Chalk Cloth, Outerwear Fabrics, Quilt Backing, Satin, Tablecloth, Mini Matt, Technical Nylons, Terry Cloth, Uniform Fabrics, Utility Fabrics & Velvet.

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