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Aged Vineyard

A collaboration with the creative Audrey Jeanne Roberts. Indulge your senses with deep rich tones of vintage wine and the intricate beauty of grapevine canopies in our Aged Vineyard quilting cotton fabric collection...

Apple Orchard

We've picked the freshest apples for our Apple Orchard quilting cotton fabric collection! Here, the rich hues of Granny Smith, Red Delicious, and Gala apples blend seamlessly with the rustic charm of stamped burlap...


A stunning collaboration with the talented Davina Nathan. Introducing our Brackendale quilting cotton fabric collection, a nod to the preservation of wildlife and the serenity of natural forestry with fabrics that embody the spirit of this precious landmark...

Comfort and Joy

Over the moon to have Pam Vale join the Camelot Fabrics artist’s pool. Prepare to be captivated by her Holiday collection. Embrace the season's magic with our Comfort and Joy quilting cotton fabric collection in monochromatic black and white with traditional green and red of the winter holidays...


Picture yourself in a quaint cottage nestled along Cottage Lane, where the pace of life is unhurried, and simplicity is revered. With our Cottagecore quilting cotton fabric collection, we've captured the essence of cottage life and the joy of savouring the little moments.

Daisy Dukes

By Elizabeth Silver. Introducing Daisy Dukes, where daisy sunshine, petal power, and soft textures come together to bring a touch of retro charm to your quilting projects. Step into a world where the sun always shines, and the spirit of summer is captured in every fabric design...

Game of Thrones & House of the Dragon

The immensely popular epic fantasy HBO drama series Game of Thrones took the world by storm back in 2011, spawning the nearly equally revered House of the Dragon spin-off HBO series in 2022...

Happy Fallidays

Delight in Pam Vale’s imaginative fun twist on the Fallidays! Immerse yourself in autumn magic with Happy Fallidays, our quilting cotton fabric collection bursting with sunflowers, pumpkin patches and cozy owls ready for sweater weather!

Harry Potter Stamps

Ready your wizarding passports, board the Hogwarts Express and don't forget the Marauder's Map in our latest Harry Potter quilting cotton fabric adventure! From essential stamps to sketch locations in soft muted colours, this collection lends itself to quilts, tote bags, accessories and more.

Honey Bear

Puck Selders drawing life into the cutest bears in her latest collection. Meet Honey Bear, our newest nursery quilting cotton fabric collection that's as sweet as honey and as adorable as cuddly teddy bears...

Lodge Life

Pam Vale beautifully captures the essence of a mountainside cabin in this collection. Welcome to Lodge Life, a quilting cotton fabric collection where the rustic charm of pinecones, feathers, plaid, deer, birch trees, and all the majestic textures of the forest join together to create an elevated and sophisticated take on the classic hunting cabin aesthetic.

Midnights in Bloom

On the heels of Sweet Lullaby and Botany comes Midnights in Bloom by Ivy Jayne Design. Step into the magical, moonlit garden of Midnights in Bloom, a quilting cotton fabric collection where scattered florals, delicate stems, exotic orchids, elusive birds, and ethereal butterflies exude mystery, sophistication, and moody elegance...


Immerse yourself in the richness of Rejuvenation, our quilting cotton fabric collection by Indigenous artist Tracey Metallic, and let the intricate textures and vibrant patterns weave their magic into your quilting projects...

The Matrix

Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real? Enter The Matrix quilting cotton fabric collection, an assortment of designs featuring cyberpunk graphics, glitches and quotes iconic to the film franchise. Great for quilts, laptop sleeves and home decor to suit any Matrix fan's den.

Winter Paisley

Introducing Winter Paisley, a quilting cotton fabric collection reimagining the traditional paisley design in tones that mirror the cool, crisp beauty of winter. Paisley motifs, tonal frost, deconstructed florals, and subtle chevron patterns encapsulate winter's serene beauty and timeless allure..

Wonka The Movie

Whimsy, wonder and lots of sweet treats make up our Wonka the Movie quilting cotton fabric collection. Iconic top hats, embellished store fronts and loads of candy in vibrant shades of magenta, purple and warm chocolate brown with hints of gold round out the assortment. Perfect for quilts, tote bags, accessories and more.

Morning Lilac

Introducing our very first collection with the lovely Annie Quigley! Morning Lilac, our quilting cotton fabric collection, invites you to stroll through a picturesque English garden, where the charm of a morning bouquet meet delicate pressed florals, intricate vines, and gentle petals...

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