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80s Arcades

Almost as good as a time machine, our Arcade collection, designed in collaboration with Angela Nickeas will transport you to the glory days of the 80s. These prints carry a distinct vibe thanks to their synthesized color palettes where greys, blues, yellows, white and black join basic and rudimentary 80s video games graphics. The outcome is a nostalgic, feel-good collection that reminds us of simpler times and of “good old” days.


This summer and southwestern inspired collection designed in collaboration with Nancy Green is named after Canyonlands National Park in south-eastern Utah, known for its dramatic desert landscape carved by the Colorado River. These prints feature a rich blend of dazzling, warm colors and patterns that are reminiscent of the Needles, towering red and white banded rock pinnacles that form the southeast corner of Canyonlands. We welcome Canyonlands, a collection that allows endless exploration and creative possibilities.


With Chado, we collaborated with Vicky Yorke to transplant the purpose and essence of the Japanese tea ceremony into a collection that permeates harmony, respect, purity and tranquillity. Delivering a mixture of blue hues combined with white, these prints carry designs inspired by Kintsugi, the art of mending broken ceramic with gold. A collection perfect for sewing all your tabletop essentials or more, to make your teatime just as unique as you are.

Disney The Jungle Book Collection II

Who’s ready for the wilderness? Disney's The Jungle Book won our hearts when it was released in the '60s and has dazzled both children and adults ever since. Join these two best friends, Mowgli, and Baloo as they experience the adventures of the jungle and explore its treasures. Life-like poses, tropical landscapes and fun iconography create a playful design aesthetic that will infuse joy, playfulness and innocence into your child’s room décor or your crafting projects!

Having Fun Collection

Have you ever tried doing yoga with your cat? They always steal the show! Which is what inspired this collection. These fabrics include their best attempts at the tree pose, warrior and extended poses. Can you spot more poses? Perfect for yoga bags, straps, headbands and more.

Looney Tunes Collection III

We’re back at it with another collection that features the goofy, silly, wacky, & looney Warner Bros.’ classic animated rambunctious cast of characters of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the rest of the Looney Tunes gang. Filled with captivating patterns and rowdy graphics that pop against vibrant colors, this collection is ideal for your back to school, birthday parties and apparel sewing projects for your Looney Tunes enthusiast. That’s all folks!

Nascar III Collection

Get ready, set, go! Our third Nascar collection, inspired by the Daytona 500, will reav up your engines and spark your creativity. Thanks to its race car inspired illustrations, from helmets to speedometers, that are flawlessly coordinated with a mix of vivid blue, green, red, yellow and purple, this collection is sure to become a favourite with all Nascar fans. The race to unleash your creativity and let your imagination run wild is on! We can’t wait to see what you’ll design and make.

Ode to the Blue Jay Collection

Soft pastels kissed by the sweet, whispered song of Blue Jays and accented with florals and teacups; this collection evokes Spring and so much more. Here, alongside Heather Rosas we worked our magic to create a collection that holds heaps of symbolism associated with Blue Jays. Just as the free-spirited Blue Jay teaches us to follow our intuition, this line will entice you to follow yours. The results will surely be vibrant DIY projects infused with boldness.

Peppa Pig Collection

Grab your space suit and join Peppa and her friends as they launch into space on an epic journey to reach existing, unfound landscapes of far of planets. Peppa Pig’s spirited personality comes to life thanks to rich purples and pastel blues backgrounds that are married with hints of pinks, yellows, and empowering messages. Time to grab your sewing materials because we know you’ll be busy creating an array of projects thanks to this lively, sweet collection.

Star Wars The Mandalorian III Collection

Mandalorian and Grogu continue their journey, facing foes and rallying allies as they make their way through the galaxy. Leap into a colorful world and make jump to lightspeed with fun artwork signifying hope and renewal. Lively graphics featuring tie-dye and flowers amplify the innocence and comedic charisma of the adorable alien-child Grogu. This collection is all about the curious and cute, mysterious and a bit mischievous creature that we all love!

Toy Story Collection III

We’re so excited to introduce our Disney and Pixar Buzz Lightyear Spotlight collection! Making its debut just in time for the highly anticipated theatrical release of Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear, the story that revolves around the beloved character we all know, this collection emulates Buzz Lightyear’s superhero qualities of bravery and fearlessness. Here, set against a world of vivid blue, white, grey and black, Buzz takes centre stage. Fresh, fun, bold, and full of all things Buzz, these prints are destined to be transformed into a plethora of hand-crafted items.

Ubud Collection

Let us take you to Ubud, Bali, renowned for its rainforest landscape terraced with rice paddies, filled with steep ravines, dotted with Hindu temples and shrines, and recognized as Bali’s artistic hot spot, where crafting and dance take centre stage. Rich earthy tones, distinct flora, zebras, parrots, wild cats and mangos jump off these prints to offer you an exotic collection that will tempt you to travel and unleash your creative ideas.

Where the Wild Things Are Collection

A first and brand new at Camelot, perfectly timed for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Where the Wild Thing Are coming up in April 2023! This collection is based on one of the most beloved classic tales of all time, comes to life in this patterns of soft pinks, blues and greys. These prints showcase king Max interacting with the mysterious and strange creatures that inhabit the island he finds himself on when he escapes home. Soothing, comforting and filled with sensitivity, this collection speaks of the innocence of childhood. An ideal choice for everything nursery and more.

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