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Llama Love Floor Pillow

Gloria from Gifts by Gloria takes us through the steps of transforming our Who Invited the Llamas collection into a cozy floor pillow. Follow below to make your own. 



1X 27" Square

4X 4 1/2" x 27" strips (pillow flange)

4X 4 1/2" X 35 1/2" strips (pillow flange, I leave extra and trim once sewn)

1/2 Fat Quarter for the center circle

3/4 m Rick Rack

1/4 m Pom Pom trim

Roxanne's Fabric Glue

Heat and Bond

23" Hook and Loop Tape

26" Pillow Form

Zootropolis  by Sassafras Lane Designs

  • Half inch Seam Allowance for all seams


Cut a 27" square. Remember to use a 1/2" seam allowance for all seams.  








I chose the Llama pattern from Sassafras Lane Designs' Zootropolis. You can choose any design for the center of your pillow. 

Trace the pattern on the non sticky side of the Heat and Bond paper. Place the sticky side onto the wrong side of the fabric. Iron the paper. Cut the Llama on the drawn line. When the paper cools, peel the paper, place sticky side on the wrong side of fabric and iron the llama onto the orange fabric. 


Applique facial featrues and sew the Pom Pom trim at this point. I used Heat and Bond and a buttonhole stitch to applique the eyes, cheeks and mouth. I used embroidery floss for the eyelashes and lips which I hand embroidered.


Trace your letters onto Heat and Bond. You can personalize your pillow and put someone's name on the pillow top, carefully centering them above the llama.


Tack on the Rick Rack using fabric glue. This will hold the Rick Rack in place until you are ready to sew in place. I used the Rick Rack to hide the raw edges of the circle, it gives the circle a nice finish. 


Sew the 4 1/2" strips to all four sides of the square. Press the seam allowance towards the flange. Your pillow top is now ready!


Finishing the Pillow

Fold the long edge on one back panel inwards by 1 inch. Press using a heat proof ruler to get a precise one inch fold. Fold the edge in again by one inch. Sew 1/8" along the edge.


Center the Hook and Loop tape on the folded edge of the panel. Sew 1/8" around the perimeter of the Hook and Loop Tape. You will sew the matching Hook and Loop tape on the second panel. To do this, you will place the tape 9" in from the raw edge, making sure to center it the same way you did with the first piece. Make sure that both pieces of Hook and Loop tape match when you place one on top of the other. The 2 pieces are running from top to bottom (vertically). when you feel everything is matched up, sew the second piece of 1/8" around the entire perimeter of the tape. Attach the 2 panels with the Hook and Loop tape. This will form a square. Baste across the top and bottom of the square to tack down the overlap on the underside. 


You are now ready to attach the 4 1/2" strips to all 4 sides. When all the strip are attached, you will sew the front and back of the pillow right sides together. Turn the pillow right side out through the opening, which is the backside of the pillow Insert your pillow form and their you have it! A floor pillow for your teenager to hang with their friends. 





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