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This collection of red, black, and grey brings the Dungeons & Dragons world to life. The Dragon Ampersand is at the forefront and included in most of the collection’s prints. Shrouded in shadows and darkness, whether displayed in a ditsy print or on a larger scale, it exudes mystery and adventure. When combined with other well-known D&D symbols - the Dice, the D&D logo, the Carpe DM badge, and the Red Dragon - in the Start the Session, Roll for Initiative, Adventuring Since 1974 prints, the effect is different, giving these prints dynamism and vibrancy. With Roll a Nat 20, Chaotic Encounter and Roll the Dice, the offering in repeated patterns add to the collection’s story. Get ready for some fun projects ahead. With Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves scheduled for theatrical release March 31, 2023 and even more exciting updates to the table top game in the future, this collection is sure to attract the attention of every D&D fan.

Delivering November 2023

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Cracker  Lattice  Quilt

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