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Peppa Pig Hand Made Collection

We just can’t get enough of Peppa Pig! In this collection, Peppa Pig and her friends get crafty and make their very own DIY projects. Decorated with butterflies, buttons, hearts, flowers, sunshine, rainbows, and spools of wool, here Peppa Pig and Suzy Sheep take to needle and thread, while Candy Cat takes to knitting. What results is a mixture of sweet pastel-coloured prints - soft aqua, purple, pink, and white - that are filled with merriment. What’s more we also have Rebecca Rabbit and Emily Elephant gracing this whimsical collection. Whether you transform these prints into a quilt, pillow, or anything else your heart desires, one thing is for sure, the beauty that resides in handmade objects is unparalleled. After all, they are made with love.

Delivery: June 2023

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