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DC Comics Super Hero Doodles Collection - Batman POW Doodle - White - Cotton 23400889-01

100% Cotton 44/45

Some of our favorite superheroes come alive in this collection rich with character art. Batman stands tall and bold against backgrounds of black, blue, and white. Wonder Woman’s strength is juxtaposed against pink and grey. The Flash lives in a world of dark red and white. Surrounded by blue and aqua, Aquaman inhabits the sea, showing off this swimmer’s strength. Supergirl and Batgirl exude their feminine prowess against backdrops of blue, pink, lavender, and periwinkle. Alongside these character-driven prints are iconographic ones that display each superhero’s iconography. With this much variety, the creative options are abundant. With upcoming theatrical releases in 2023 and activations throughout the year, DC Comics Super Heroes make for the perfect addition to cater to every super hero fan.
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