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Around the Block

Enter a world reminiscent of abstract art, where shapes and colours are used to show a distorted visual representation of reality. Our Around the Block prints that include what appears to be cubes, squares, rectangles, and expressive brush strokes in a multitude of colours, create a visual story that engages the imagination thus encouraging creativity. This collection provides each maker with a completely different emotional experience, therefore eliciting different ideas....

DC Doodle Collection

Some of our favourite superheroes come alive in this collection rich with character art. Batman stands tall and bold against backgrounds of black, blue, and white. Wonder Woman’s strength is juxtaposed against pink and grey...

Disney Alice in Wonderland Collection III

A soft, tender collection, composed of pastels and art that appears to have been painted on with the lightest of brush strokes. Prints as sweet as Alice. A marriage of flowers, foliage, macaroons, and other well-known iconography, from this universal classic tale. Light blues, white and lavender settings, peppered with yellow, pink, peach and more, come together creating a delicate and beautiful line of cottons that are ideal for numerous DIY projects. Beyond quilts think pillows, placemats, tea cozies and so much more.

Disney Mickey and Friends Happy Times Collection

Welcome this brand-new Mickey and Friends collection that features an autumnal colour palette for kids and adults using squiggles, abstract shapes, and happy typography. Mickey is the star of the show. Shapes are featured in a monochromatic direction with hints of muted shades. Graphics are linear and patterns are simplified using abstract shapes and elements of Mickey Mouse. In the trading card stack print, the cast of lifelong pals, Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto are showcased together with smile-adorned faces. This collection of happy prints is at-a-ready for an abundance of handmade items, be it quilts, backpacks, pencil cases or whatever your heart desires.

Disney Villains

Bathed in rich colours where purple and black reign, our Disney Villains Mayhem collection is composed of eight different prints. Here, character art is crisp and layered. With wicked grimaces and powerful stances, Maleficent, Ursula, the Evil Queen, Cinderella’s Stepmother, Scar, Cruella de Vil, Dr. Facilier, the Queen of Hearts and Madame Mim come alive and are ready for mayhem in the Party of Villains, So Many Villains Toss, Made for Mayhem, Villain Cut-Out Collage and Dark Humor Poster Toss prints. Then we throw in our Villain Iconography and Tattoo Badges prints to round up the collection...

Disney Winnie the Pooh All About Me

When classic story-book characters take centre-stage amidst an array of colourful prints of orange, lavender, pink, yellow, cream, and white, the result is nothing short of playful. Thanks to their loveable, cheerful faces, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore breathe their unique personalities, joy, and sweetness into this collection. On prints where their faces are showcased together, their lifelong friendship and adventures permeate through. Whether the focus be on each individual character or a mix of all, the creative possibilities available here are tremendous. From quilts to diaper bags, to room décor, the choice of what to make is wide-open.

Dungeons & Dragons Collection II

This collection of red, black, and grey brings the Dungeons & Dragons world to life. The Dragon Ampersand is at the forefront and included in most of the collection’s prints. Shrouded in shadows and darkness, whether displayed in a ditsy print or on a larger scale, it exudes mystery and adventure. When combined with other well-known D&D symbols - the Dice, the D&D logo, the Carpe DM badge, and the Red Dragon - in the Start the Session, Roll for Initiative, Adventuring Since 1974 prints, the effect is different, giving these prints dynamism and vibrancy. With Roll a Nat 20, Chaotic Encounter and Roll the Dice, the offering in repeated patterns add to the collection’s story....

Looney Tunes Be Looney

It’s time to party thanks to the new Looney Tunes Be Looney collection. This is a high-energy filled collection, thanks to its vibrant colours – different blues, green, orange, yellow, black, and grey- and fun cast of characters - from the likes of Tweety Bird, Sylvester, Bugs Bunny and more. Ideal for making not only quilts but a ton of handmade items, like backpacks, pencil cases, book covers, and more, that would surely be cherished and adored by any Looney Tunes fan. The Tossed Faces, Be Looney Blocks, Be Looney Character Toss, Be Looney Explosive Cast, Be Looney Halftone,..

Ocean Story

Rich with vibrant colours, Ocean Story is a layered collection that offers a glimpse into some of the natural beauty that exists and lives in one of our planet’s most precious natural resources. From the variety of fish to the coral reef showcased, these prints depict the elements with clear and crisp precision. The result is akin to photo realism. Looking at these prints we sometimes forget that we’re not actually there, scuba diving or snorkelling, swimming with the fish. Whether displayed together on some prints – Ocean Story, Sea Life, Clown Fish, Underwater Sunshine - or apart in others – Tonal Star Fish, Breathe, Coral Reefs - the fish and marine vegetation are the stars of this collection. The Stripe Waves prints in multi and blue, are a fitting pair that add to the overall story...

Pawsomely Posh

If ever a collection is to deliver joy and cheekiness, Pawsomely Posh hits the mark. After all, how can pugs riding scooters not have us smiling from ear to ear?! With vivid prints showcasing these furry goofballs whether solo in large scale, on mopeds or in a head toss, this collection founded in backgrounds of red, blue, grey, pink, and white, is action-packed and screams fun. Throw in designs that feature bowties and serene swirls, and we’ve got ourselves a complete array of prints to unleash your creative potential. We’re so full of ideas - quilts, to backpacks, to pencil cases, bowties, ties, oven mitts and more – we can’t wait to get this party started.


An ensemble of prints dressed in pink, cream, black, khaki, and red, and accessorized with dream catchers, bold bison, arrows and leaves, merge together in a nod to the North American mid-west and beyond. The colour combinations in this arrangement exude a harmonious symphony that is further elevated thanks to bison portraits surrounded by floral ornamentation. Playing alongside the spotlighted animal, the elements in the coordinating prints add a nuanced layer to the collection, rounding it off to create a full story landscaped with valleys and mountains. With its many prints Prairies offers makers a world of quilting possibilities, as vast as the lands where the bison roam.


The marriage of tan, black and cream results in a collection that is soothing and peaceful. Designed by Vicky Yoke its softly crafted components- doves, florals, solar beams, waves, and medallions – give off the appearance of being delicately hand-drawn onto the fabric with the lightest of touch. Combined with the collection’s colour scheme they add an extra dose of richness to the prints, enhancing the collection’s calming quality. Within these fibres, designs, and colour story exists a beautiful fragility and vulnerability. This is truly a collection that makes way for endless quilt designs and makes space for true reflection.

Star Wars Light & Dark

Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Yoda, C-3P, R2-D2 and Chewbacca come to life in a story that blends tan, white, black, and grey. With an assortment of prints, where some showcase the Star Wars characters all together and some display the characters alone in all their mighty glory – in the case of the Chewie Wookiee print, the Dark Side Darth one and the You R2 Cool one - this new collection lends itself well to making many handmade items that would delight all Star Wars fans. Throw in the Star Wars Sketch Logo Art print in either tan or black, and mix it with a few of Camelot fresh solids, like our stone or brown sugar prints and you’ve got yourself plenty of variety to work with. Now all you got to do is let your imagination soar.

Sweet Lullaby

Sweet Lullaby is an elevated juvenile collection that explores hand-painted textures, shibori dye techniques and novelty animal illustration, as seen with its adorable stuffed bear, owl, dog, bunny and cat. Designed by Ivy Jane, this eclectic array of prints, Block, In the Clouds, Little Strokes, Brushstrokes Dots, and Starry Night to name a few, are brought together with a trending neutral palette of beige, grey, white, and brown. In its entirety this collection is a soft whisper, and as gentle, and delicate as baby’s skin. It is ideal to sew with for the little ones in your life. An accompanying panel means you can whip up the cutest projects in record time!


Welcome to a medley of colours. Our Topography collection offers a rainbow of fabric, where each print carries delicate, original, ditzy motifs. Designs showcasing soft, miniature vines, dandelions, watermarks, sprouts, seedlings, trails, dew, rainwater and more, that are offered in orange, blue, green, yellow, teal, plum, red, and light blue. This is truly a quilters and sewers dream come true. A treasure chest of fabrics that gives way to creativity, experimentation, and exploration. This fun collection that exudes happiness, thanks to its joyful colours, is ideal for the creation of geometric quilt designs, and anything else the creative spirit desires, say seasonal crafts and home décor pieces.

Welcome to our Hive

We’re all a-buzz for this collection bursting with nature’s gold. A variety of prints, Honey Grove, Sweet Nectar, Marigold, Bee Happy, Hi Honey and Bee Pollen draw us into the beautiful and intricate world of bees and their exceptional craft of producing honey. A delightful and graceful variety of designs that will transform into an array of quilts and other handmade items. Think oven mitts, aprons, table runners, coasters, pillows and so much more. Thanks to the Our Hive Panel, the collection is further elevated and gives way to more creative opportunities. For additional options, blend the collection’s prints with suggested Camelot fresh solids – White, Au Naturel, Gold, Sunshine – and Camelot’s mixology prints – Tonic in Lavender and Honeycomb in White, Wildberry and Pastel Lavender.

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