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It’s time to party thanks to the new Looney Tunes Be Looney collection. This is a high-energy-filled collection, thanks to its vibrant colours – different blues, green, orange, yellow, black, and grey- and fun cast of characters - from the likes of Tweety Bird, Sylvester, Bugs Bunny, and more. Ideal for making not only quilts but a ton of handmade items, like backpacks, pencil cases, book covers, and more, that would surely be cherished and adored by any Looney Tunes fan. The Tossed Faces, Be Looney Blocks, Be Looney Character Toss, Be Looney Explosive Cast, Be Looney Halftone, Be Looney Acme Fools, Tweety and Taz prints offer something for everyone. Reach for some Camelot fresh solids, like Black, Royal, Topaz and Ruby and you’re now extending the creative possibilities.

Delivering November 2023

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