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Disney Heart of a Princess Collection - Heart of a Princess All Over the World - Coral

100% Cotton 44/45

Some of our favourite, most adored and admired princesses take centre stage in our new Disney Heart of a Princess Collection. Get ready to create out-of-this world projects thanks to Jasmine who sits atop clouds that fill up a lavender sky holding Genie's lamp; Belle who has a book tucked under her arm while Mrs. Potts and Chip dance nearby; Ariel who swims in a sea of turquoise alongside Flounder; Cinderella who wears her glass slippers against a magical starry sky; Rapunzel who sits all smiles surrounded by sunshine and rainbows; and Tiana and Mulan who each stand tall and proud, ready to take on whatever comes their way. Thanks to this lustrous bunch we know that your projects will be out-of-this-world magical.
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