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Get to Know Jasmine Rosal

We love learning about the sewers we collaborate with. Here we introduce you to Jasmine Rosal, whose creative touch has transformed numerous Camelot fabrics into an array of different accessories and quilts. 

What did you study in school? 

If I was able to convince my school counselors that it was a necessary class, I signed-up for art classes at every opportunity through middle and high school. Drawing, etching, painting, sculpting, I loved it all. I was only in college for a short time, but while I was on campus the focus was art, and if I ever venture back to school it would still be all about art.

Sleep masks created with the  4 Ever collection

What did you do before you focused on sewing and quilting? 

My day job was working as an administrative assistant, which I enjoyed because the daily tasks would differ and I found that I really enjoyed problem solving. However, as soon as I could, I left the job behind to be a stay at home mom to my first born baby. Motherhood was my real dream job!

Ring pillow and fabric wedding invitation created with the  4 Ever collection

When did you start sewing and what prompted you to start?  

Creating a cozy nursery for my daughter was the inspiration that sparked my interest in sewing. I had it in my head that every baby should have a handmade, one of a kind quilt, made just for them. Which meant that I, of course, needed to make one for her. I picked up a $50 sewing machine at the closest big box store and taught myself to sew on what I thought looked like an easy project; a quilt! While it was not as easy as I had initially thought, I finished that first quilt with a newfound admiration for the craft. The challenge to master the quilting process is what kept me making more and more quilts.

What drew you to and what do you love about Camelot fabrics?

Camelot Fabrics has a large range of styles, artists and purposes for their designs. I like that I can always find what I need for any project, in the Camelot Fabrics catalog. Sometimes, I browse the site to see what collection will be released next and plan sewing projects around my favorite looks.

Pillow create with our Hey Boo collection

Your favorite elements that you like to see in prints?  

My favorite elements in fabric prints are loose hand drawn designs of everyday items. I love to look around and enjoy the beauty of simple things in my home or in nature. Such as the soap and bubbles that keep our home clean; the rabbits nibbling on wild flowers in the front yard, or drawings of children at play. When an artist places simple elements in their designs that have a sense of appreciation for simple charm, I really connect with that.

Cacti created with the  High Road to Taos collection


What inspires you?

My children and the beauty of childhood. I always dream up sewing patterns and projects that I imagine would bring my children a smile. If they have an instant reaction of joy and want to play with the items I make, that means I have done my job well. 


Cacti and camera case created with the  High Road to Taos collection


Tell us about your creative process? 

My projects come to me organically. It is very rare that I sit down and brainstorm because creativity is difficult to force. Most of my ideas for sewing patterns, quilts or projects come from the fabrics themselves. I sometimes joke that I am a fabric whisperer, because I try to design projects according to the mood or feelings I get when I see the fabric. So in a way, the fabric dictates to me what it will become. I think that is a big reason why my projects come out successfully, because I do not force the fabric print into a design that clashes.

Ornaments created with the Holiday Spice collection 


Describe your workspace/your sewing studio like? 

Well, I am very proud of my current sewing space. I say current because we have young children and our home is ever changing depending on the season we are in. With that said, I have a dreamy sewing room right now. There is a large wall lined with white shelving holding stacks of rainbow sorted fabrics, and handmade items of my own design or gifted to me by sewing friends. At the center of the room is a tall crafting table which is used for fabric cutting and photographing with under compartments for storage. However, the best and most used pieces are the two white tables arranged in an L shape in the corner where I sew and free motion quilt on my Juki machine. Just like any other maker, my space is messy with projects laid out because if I don’t see them, the projects will be forgotten forever. My favorite time of day to sew is around 3pm when the warm sun is shining into the room.


Jasmine in her sewing studio

What are your favourite items to create and sew? 

Anything that can be useful, imaginative and personalized. Like a baby quilt with a hand embroidered label that has the baby’s name and birthdate. My biggest pet peeve is sewing a project that has no usefulness. With all the time spent at the sewing machine, I like knowing that the item will eventually serve a purpose.

Mini Quilt created with the Chado collection


Your favourite project or item you’ve created with Camelot fabrics?

This is tough, because I have really enjoyed making them all. I will have to pick the Buzz Lightyear Jetpack though. It was so fun, well constructed and my daughter loved playing with it!


Buzz Lightyear Nova Jetpack (pattern by @buckandbloompatterns) created with the Officially Licensed Disney/Pixar Toy Story Collection III Buzz Spotlight

Recently you started designing quilt patterns, can you share what that’s been like? 

Pattern writing has been an adventure to say the least but I love the challenge! In my mind, when designing sewing and quilting patterns, I imagine the fabric to be like puzzle pieces. I have to figure out how to piece them all together in a way that is visually appealing, structurally sound and still simple enough to explain in easy to follow directions. The best part of finishing a pattern is releasing it to be used by other sewists. It just blows my mind seeing someone use my pattern to sew a project, because then I get to see their creativity shine through. Which inspires me for more. The most difficult part or designing has been understanding the software applications. I’m not a techy person but have figured out how to do the computer work through trial and error.

Do you have a dream sewing or creative project that you haven’t made yet?

I would love to take all my sewing and art experience to one day create my own fabric collections. My inspiration for the collections I currently doodle are my children. The images embody their personalities, interests and imagination. It would be such a thrill to see them one day on fabric and in some of my sewing projects.

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