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8 Questions with Vanessa Lamontagne, Fabric Product Manager

"I am responsible for the development of fabric collections from conception to finished delivered product, for both novelty-driven assortments and licensed character art. Simply put, I am implicated in some form for everything related to the fabric category in terms of development and merchandising. I ensure the right people get what they need in their hands, whether it be market research, art direction, relevant product information, product photography, sales material and so on. If someone needs something related to fabric, I pride myself on being the go-to person!" 

Vanessa Lamontagne


What’s the best part about Camelot?

The best part of Camelot is the team. You feel like a valued part of the family instead of just an employee. There is a sense of respect and appreciation for each person and what they can contribute to the overall success of the company..




Where do you draw inspiration from?

Everywhere! Inspiration can be found from nature or walking downtown, from old buildings to new developments, from a scrap of newspaper to a glossy magazine spread. Looking at something with a critical eye and piecing things together from places that seem to have nothing in common can feel so inspiring and fresh. 


Your favorite Camelot project?

There’s so much to enjoy from Camelot’s offerings that it’s hard to pick just one. If I had to choose, it would be our amazing portfolio of licenses and artists carried onto fabric. We have great exclusive designs not found anywhere else, and are always actively scouting new, exciting talent.




If you woke up one morning to find out that you were an expert sewer, what would be the first thing you’d make?

Something special for each of my kids, either a blanket or a quilt.





What did you do in your past life?

I was trained in graphic design and was responsible for packaging, layout design and photoshop before moving to product development, all for home goods. I was also head of the department and managed a team of graphic designers. It was chaotic, but I learned a lot and was able to apply all this knowledge in the role I have now.




Your dream project would be?

I would love to collaborate with the Met! Or do a Stranger Things and a Clueless collection (maybe someday!) 



What is your superpower?

I’m great at finding things (just ask my husband and kids!) and I have a great memory.




A secret skill you have?

If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret!


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